Remote Support Tools

We use three main support tools centered around Team Viewer.  The commercial Team Viewer licences we use are not free, and are without the restrictions of the free versions allowing us to fully support our clients in many more ways.  We also use UVNC and IPSec VPN tunnels to sites to maximise support options to clients and provide instant access to all network devices, not just PCs, Servers and Apple PCs.

If you are covered under a support contract please raise your issue by phone, email, sms, carrier pigeon or any method that takes your fancy, just let us know what the issue is and we'll get to work on it.

If you are not under a support contract then please call or email so we can discuss options.

98% of issues we resolve are done so remotely.


Quick links to support tools.

Priority PC Support

If you've been asked to use the priority PC support tool then please click here.

Priority Mac Support

If you are a MAC user and you've been asked to use the MAC priority support tool then please click here.

Remote Host Setup

Remote Host Setup - we use this mainly for servers and unattended systems - click here.

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