Web Design

We have been designing web sites since we started in 2006, in fact one of the first project sites we did was for Ocuco, a well known Dublin based software firm, specialising in opticians and optometry in general.

All the web design work we do is through a content management solution, typically Joomla or Wordpress.  Taking this route makes the time needed to complete a project a lot shorter than starting from scratch and also hands control of content directly to the client.

In many instances sites have been designed with blank pages ready for the client to sit down with a glass of Chablis and crack on with content creation. 

Once you are shown how to do it and have entered in a couple of pages you really will wonder what all the fuss with web design is about!

The template we have used for the Sibit website is from Rocket Themes, it's a paid template, and well worth the investment.  There are several variations to the template, please do hover over the "Web Design" button and try a few out, chances are your computer will remember which one you liked and present it to you next time you visit this website.

Costs for websites vary with the amount of time it takes and the complexity of build.  Expect around ten hours WEBDEV @ £60 per hour + VAT for a typical small company site, produced in Joomla or Wordpress, ready for your content to be pushed into place by you, or in the case of more complex and design led sites, anywhere up to 80 hours!


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