We have in the main two categories of client, business and consumer.  Sometimes with small businesses there is a grey area where the two ocassionally merge, but generally it's pretty easy to work out which area you belong to.

We cap consumer off site repairs at one hours labour, regardless of the time it actually takes to do the repair.  We know the peace of mind this brings to consumers, nasty virus infections or data recovery can in some cases take days to resolve, and no-one wants to see a bill for more than their machine cost in the first place.  We often get asked how we can justify capping at such a low rate, it really is simple, if we are working on 6 machines at once, and it takes six hours on average to repair the machines, then each has really only taken an hour of actual hands on time to fix.

We can afford to keep consumer rates fixed at a low price point as our business clients take precidence over all consumer tasks, if you like, their urgency subsidises the consumer work.

On site repairers have to charge for their time onsite, which can often hike the bill up.  We don't like that.

Off site support / repair is charged at a flat rate of £60 per hour plus VAT, whilst on site repair / support is charged at £70 per hour plus VAT.

Business users are charged the same as consumers, however we would encourage business users to invest in a support contract.  Business users on contract take precidence over all other users and receive immediate support as and when required (under normal office hours and often beyond).

Business support contracts average £32 per user per month + VAT, which is typically around half the industry rate.  

We can work at such low rates by being busy, any spare time is never spent idle, it's dedicated to working on consumer repairs, web development and maintenence tasks.

If you want to know more, or need an estimate, please do contact us, we love to talk about what we do, and welcome new clients every week.



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